WRTS Australia COVID-19 Policy and Procedures

Posted: 23/11/2021

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Updated – Monday 22nd November 2021 Vaccinations In line with the latest New South Wales State Government health advice, from Friday 19 November, all participants aged 16 years and older must be fully vaccinated against COVID19 to attend our facility, unless a medical exception or contradiction applies. This applies to children in our program and any siblings or adults that attend the centre. Proof of vaccination will be required upon entry. Immunisation…

Who is Rock Boy?

Posted: 20/07/2018

WRTS founder son rock boy
Rock Boy—he’s the mascot of We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym who’s come to symbolize fun and full-inclusion to families all over the world. He adorns every We Rock the Spectrum signage from the storefronts to the walls of our gyms. For kids, his bright red t-shirt, welcoming smile, and rockin’ hands means “It’s playtime!” Rock Boy is every child. But the idea for Rock Boy goes back to one…

20 Words to Know When Discussing Autism [Vocab]

Posted: 19/07/2018

kid drawing with crayons
At We Rock the Spectrum, we serve families from all walks of life. Some are very familiar with the autism community and the language to discuss it, while others are new to it all, and learning. Either way, everyone has to start somewhere, and sharing helpful information about autism spectrum disorder is one of the best ways to spread understanding and awareness. We are the indoor play gym for autism…

How Siblings of Children with Autism are Affected

Posted: 18/03/2017

sister and brother hugging and smiling at autism event
How Siblings of Children with Autism are Affected As parents of children with Autism, we understand they require specialized care and attention. Depending upon which part of the spectrum a child falls under, the extent of the support will vary from helping them accomplish daily tasks to needing assisted care on a continual basis. Regardless of the extent of the therapy solutions, parents try anything and everything to give their…

7 Ways We Rock the Spectrum Helps Children with ADHD

Posted: 18/03/2017

kid upside down on WRTS equipment
We created the We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym (WRTS) franchise with a unique purpose: to provide children with autism and other special needs an inclusive play environment they could enjoy with their peers. At WRTS, children are able to take advantage of sensory play equipment in order to grow and develop the skills they will need later in life. Our all-inclusive philosophy allows children of all ability levels to…

We Rock the Spectrum is for All Parents!

Posted: 18/03/2017

The team at We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym offers a long list of activities for special needs children to participate in and enjoy with their typically developing peers. This allows parents of special needs children to have a place to take all their children and know they won’t be separated, but instead offered the opportunity to play, grow and develop together. The We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym has…

Birthday Parties at We Rock The Spectrum are For All Kids!

Posted: 18/03/2017

Birthday parties are getting bigger and bigger each year with parents trying to find a great way to celebrate the special day for their children. If you are looking for great ideas for kids birthday parties you should check out the facilities at the We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym. Their facility offers four different birthday party packages to choose from in order to celebrate your child’s special day. The…

Fun Activities for Kids with Autism at WRTS

Posted: 18/03/2017

By partnering with many non-profits and companies that are associated with and fully committed to helping children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the staff at We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym continues to be the leader in the development of children on the Spectrum. Their use of unique and fun equipment, toys, creative activities, and classes has made them a stand out and destination for parents of…

Specialized Classes, Programs, and Equipment for Children with Autism

Posted: 18/03/2017

Even though the We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym is an all-inclusive gym that allows children of all ability levels to be able to play and grow together, they offer specialized classes, programs and equipment for children with autism. This allows the team to offer fantastic autism support services such as their classes that help to develop social and physical skills, sensory play equipment to help develop sensory skills and…

Has Your Child Been Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Posted: 18/03/2017

Has your child been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder? Does your child have other special needs? Are you feeling a bit frustrated with the lack of development from government run programs that mean well, but you know there has to be more to help your special needs child develop? You are in luck, the best place for you to take your special needs child is to the We Rock The…